Caringo FileFly for Swarm

Optimize Filers, Consolidate Files and Streamline Backup & Recovery

Is your filer becoming a “data junk drawer” that is difficult to backup and expand? When an issue occurs, is it taking a long time to recover? Are you dreading making another expensive filer purchase only to compound these issues but still need filer performance? The solution is Caringo FileFly for Swarm!

Bring NetApp® and Windows® File Servers Into the Cloud-Age Without Changing How Your Applications or Users Work

FileFly installs on an existing or new Windows server and lets administrators set file- and directory-level policies to automatically and transparently move file data from NetApp or Windows filers to Caringo Swarm. Administrators set policies based on any file attribute (file type, name, size, date modified, last accessed, date created or owner) that can run at any time.

“One of the biggest management headaches we face is that our employees store all of the data they create on expensive primary storage—they never delete any files, with FileFly, we set policies that move data based on user access patterns to more cost-effective storage while still providing instant access to a user’s files.”

—Martin Kühn, IT Service Manager for the Max Planck Institute.

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 Reduce Storage TCO by 4X

Optimize Filer Use & Reduce Storage Costs by over 4X

FileFly reduces storage total cost of ownership by over 400 percent and optimizes filers by moving up to 90 percent of file data to Swarm.

 Free Up to 90% of Filer Space

Streamline Backup & Recovery while Reducing Risk

With up to 90% less data on your filer, backup windows get faster, disk I/O is reduced and recovery happens in a fraction of the time.

 Scale to 100s of PBs and Beyond

Consolidate Files & Get Continuous Insight Across All Files

Files are consolidated, securely accessible and searchable on Swarm—bulletproof, limitless software-defined storage that can scale to 100s of petabytes and beyond on any mix of commodity hardware.